Equity compensation should fuel
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We are a professional services firm that enables companies to unlock the
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Our Approach

Dedicated Partners

A commitment to be your partner, not your service provider

Well Connected

Independent partners of leading executive compensation firms and equity administration platforms

Results Oriented

Solutions built on industry and technical expertise for sound decision making

Employee Equity Compensation Solutions


The Forgotten Participant

Nonqualified ESPPs are a solution for all companies to truly motivate, retain, attract, and engage essential workers, often overlooked when designing equity programs.

Robyn Shutak (Computershare) and Liz Stoudt

Auto-Cancel Options

Options that cancel automatically upon a pre-determined price drop can save companies from the challenges of deeply underwater options.

Jon Burg and CJ Van Ostenbridge

Indexed Stock Options

Time-based stock options are a main-stay of executive compensation, but with a few recent developments and uncertainty about the future, now is the right time to give Indexed options another look.

Jon Burg and CJ Van Ostenbridge


Our Team

Jon Burg
Daniel Coleman
Liz Stoudt

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