MyOptionExchange is a simple and easy to use tender offer election platform that allows option holders to make an informed decision by providing a complete view of their offer and its impact.

Participant Experience:

  • Easy set-up and login procedure
  • Two-factor email authentication for increased security
  • Personalized web-page displaying individual’s options eligible for exchange
  • Integrated value calculator
    • Model pre- and post-exchange value based on assumed stock prices
    • Chart cross-over point for each eligible award
    • Employees can make informed decisions on which awards to exchange
  • Intuitive navigation, election submission, and email confirmation
  • Easy to access document repository (grant documents, tender offer, etc.)
  • Education portal and FAQs
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Administrative Capabilities:

  • Export reports to Excel
    • Employee elections
    • User activity including logins, elections, confirmations, and resource access
  • Targeted communication
    • Pre-load and schedule reminder emails
    • Target specific populations or individuals
  • Submit or edit elections on behalf of employees
  • Snapshot of program statistics
    • Employees registered and completed log-in
    • Employees with partial and complete elections
    • Summary and details of options tendered
    • Summary and details of new awards to be issued

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